Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

AV Consulting by AVDEC for SSE in association with MAKE Creative

AVDEC worked with the combination of heritage features and funky fitout in this two-level start-up, with the latest in digital AV display and distribution across the Events/Teaching space; Lounge; Collaborative Classroom; Boardroom; and Meeting rooms. Web-conferencing capabilities are available in almost every space, enabling connectivity with the eleven NSW Universities and TAFE.

Technologies Deployed:

  • Retractable projection systems
  • Multiple display systems
  • Multi room & Lounge relay of sessions
  • Standards & Webconference systems
  • Flexible AV over IP system
  • Collaborative movable screens
  • Wireless connection to all displays
  • Infra-red hearing assistance
  • Full range Events audio
  • Digital signage