AVDEC is a full-service consultancy with capabilities spanning from conception through to final handover. We work closely with your team to understand the project brief and the needs of user groups throughout the entirety of the project, as we believe that successful audio visual integration is a result of a collaborative team approach.

As independent Audiovisual consultants, we offer the full range of services necessary in taking a project from conception through to final handover.

Typical Project Phases

Briefing/Concept Design

AVDEC meet with client and user groups to discuss their needs and gain a general agreement of the facilities that are required. It is vital to identify any problems or challenges with the existing AV facilities early on in order to design an appropriate system. During this process, AVDEC undertake an audit reviewing existing facilities. Following this, a Return Brief/Concept Design Report is prepared, including conceptual system schematics, explanations of new technologies/innovations and suggested optional extras. Budget estimates are a vital component of this report.

Detailed Design & Documentation

Once the Return Brief/Concept Design had been signed off, the detailed documentation phase commences. The project team will be having design co-ordination meetings with architects, interior designers and services consultants, and these include AV. Successful integration of the AV facilities will depend on this team approach. The specifications tender (bid) package includes technical drawings of all AV systems, schematics to describe perspective and appearance, complete equipment and materials inventory, performance criteria, programme for implementation and special instructions for contractor. The budget for systems integration including equipment and installation is updated.

Tender/Bid Documentation and Review

During the tender, contractors’ questions, submitted in written form, are answered. Following the close of tenders, we evaluate the submissions, and produce a normalised spreadsheet to ensure that all tenders are compared in an equitable manner. A tender report is then prepared which includes a written detailed analysis. If required, we take part in interviews.

Construction Supervision

Once the contract has been awarded, site visits are undertaken at key installation points, to ensure coordination, evaluate workmanship and report on progress. We oversee Contractor Commissioning and Testing. Defect lists are prepared and rectifications reviewed. Contractor prepared procedures and maintenance manuals are reviewed.

Certification and Handover

User Acceptance Test Plans are prepared in MS Excel, with one sheet for each space or system. These Plans are prepared based on: the design documentation; installed User Interfaces and the ANSI/Infocomm 10:2013 Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Standard.

It is preferable that we also attend the first training sessions, as client handover is achieved.

Once the systems are working as specified and there are no minor defects, then certification will be issued. This is the trigger date for commencement of the Defects Liability period.

Defects Liability Review

Generally, at the completion of the Defects Liability period, we can review the functionality and operation of the AV Facilities and if satisfactory, recommend the release of retention payments.

AV Facilities Audit

AVDEC offers an Audit package to review existing installations for: User Experience; Functionality; Energy consumption and Sustainability.


AVDEC uses the latest software and hardware :

  • VidCAD Phoenix V1.4 with AutoCAD 2018
  • REVIT 2018 by Autodesk* (including Navisworks)
  • EASE V4.4 Electroacoustic Modeller
  • HP Z2 Workstation (CAD & Revit)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets
  • HP T790 A0 Large format plotter